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About Me

NREAZON is an illustrator from Dallas, Texas. Known for her brightly colored characters and concepts across a variety of media—from paintings to apparel—her work has been featured in exhibitions from coast to coast and by top art culture websites and publications.

What immediately stands out to first-time viewers is NREAZON's playful combination of innocent, child-like imagery—ice cream, candy, and cute animals—with icons of mass destruction—grenades, explosions, and toxic ooze. The hybrid offers something special. It catches the eye and offers a glimpse at what NREAZON feels most strongly about art: that it should be powerful but fun, and always striking the edge of impossibility.


Character Design and Illustration

Wondering what kind of fun services that Nreazon can provide for your company? Try getting us to create Icons and Character Design to enhance UI/ UX in webpages and applications. Nreazon has a creative group of individuals that create custom Products, Websites, Logos, and Creative Writing Services, and Apps. Inquire today to set up a consultation.


Products and artwork

If you have already seen some of Nreazon’s work around the web or at shows and have wondered how to get your hands on some, you have fount the place. Get an array of official products and artwork created by Nreazon. If you do not see a product here that was once offered before send me an email to inquire about bringing it back.

Blog and Other News